Lafayette Market Stats

Lafayette New Listings (Inventory)

When listings are added to the MLS, they are immediately visible in the search. They also are represented in the data in these charts. New inventory helps us to understand how many properties are made available for sale in a given month, which affects pricing, days on market, etc.

Lafayette Pending Sales

A listing is ‘pending’ when an offer has been accepted and it is poised to become a sale. The number of pending listings gives us a good sense of market activity and buyer interest.

Lafayette Time to Sell

The time it takes to sell a property in Lafayette, also known as Days on Market, is a critical indicator of just how hot or cold the market is.

Lafayette Recent Sales

Final Sales in Lafayette (as opposed to pending inventory). Once a sale is final, the property is obviously off market, but we are also able to see how these sales affect the current median and average price of home sales in Lafayette (see below).

Lafayette Average Sales Price

Average price is determined by adding all values together, and dividing by the number of values.

Lafayette Median Sales Price

Median price is determined by finding the midpoint in a set of data points. If there are 9 items, the 5th item is used as the median. This can be significantly different than average.

Lafayette List to Sale (Percent Listing)

List to Sale, or the % of Listing Price received at sale for properties in Lafayette, helps visualize how aggresive buyers are. Overbidding, e.g. offering more than the listing price, generally indicates a hot market, low inventory, or both.

NOTE: The data in these charts is provided by the CCAR MLS as real time, up to the minute information. As such, the ‘current month’ reported can, especially early in the month, represent large swings in data due to small sample sizes. All data deemed accurate but not guaranteed. Always consult with a professional, like me, before making investment decisions.
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